Application Modernization

Given most of the legacy applications written in yester years are unstructured, inextensible and facing maintenance challenges due to inadequate documentation and resources , it is imperative that organizations need to modernize these legacy systems and embrace the newer digital, cloud and mobile technologies to be competitive.

Truni can recommend a low risk and cost effective approach to transform or migrate your legacy applications into modern service oriented applications re-using the knowledge, the business rules that are buried in the legacy systems.

We can help organizations with initial assessment and discovery engagement studying your legacy platforms, applications and other IT investments that are part of the landscape and come up with a roadmap and methodology for modernizing your legacy applications adequately considering risks, timelines and costs involved.

Based on our assessment, we help identify the right tools and methodologies to renovate and or migrate such applications to newer languages, while keeping an eye on the challenges around the knowledge and rules embedded in those applications on one side and also looking at equivalent packages that could be available in the market for potential big bang replacement.

Truni will help you chose the right approach, right partner and tools in your legacy modernization initiatives and would oversee the program as a independent consultant ensuring you get the best out of your IT investments.